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Lanny Barbie

Birthdate:   29-August-1981
Website: http://www.lannibarbie.com

Lanny Barbie (also known as Lanni Barby, Lanny Barby, Lannie Barby, and Lannie Barbie) is a porn star and model. She has been performing in porn since her 18th birthday and has developed a devoted following over the internet. She is married to Julian, a male porn star. They married on March 5, 2005.

She has appeared on the covers of several popular men's magazines, including Hustler, Club and Penthouse, for which she was Pet of the Month in June 2003.

There is a bit of confusion about concerning how Barbie's name should be spelled. Her "official" website is lannibarbie.com, seemingly indicating that Lanni Barbie would be the preffered spelling. However, on the website's opening page her name is written twice in relatively large and fancy text that her name is Lanny Barby, while further down the same webpage she is also referred to as Lanny Barby, as well as Lanny Barbie. The text however appears to indicate that her preferred spelling is "Lanny Barbie", and that the other spellings are the results of photographers and video companies (and evidently her own webmaster) to not get it right. The domain name "lannybarbie.com" is currently [May 2006] held by a cybersquatter, thus the official "lannibarbie.com" domain name.

In April 2005 Lanny signed an exclusive, multi-year contract with Vivid Entertainment, becoming the first Vivid Girl from Montreal.

She has become a finalist for the first annual F.A.M.E. (Fans of Adult Media Entertainment) Awards. The categories she has been nominated for are Favorite Adult Actress, Favorite Anal Starlet, Hottest Body and Favorite Butt.

Lanny Barbie also has a half-sister who has been in the adult film industry, going by the name Kimberly Franklin (or Kim Franklin). She shares the same flower tattoo across her arm as Lanny. The two have appeared in pornographic films together, including direct sexual interaction with each other. As of early 2005, Lanny's site began to claim that they are only step-sisters, probably to avoid any legal or other repercussions of their scenes together, which over time attracted a fair amount of notoriety. According to porn producer Jim Gunn, "I was told by someone that knows them pretty well that Lanny & Kimberly are indeed half-sisters (same dad), and based on their similarity and their interaction from working with them for a few days ... I believe it." Kim retired from porn in 2004.

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