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Scott Speedman

Birthdate:   1 Sept 1975
Website: http://www.scottspeedmanshomecourt.com/
Category: TV

Speedman, known as Speedy to his friends, was an avid athlete. Born on September 1, 1975 in London, England to Scottish parents, he moved to Toronto, Canada when he was four. He quickly became immersed in athletics, spending his youth focused on swimming. He even performed well at the Olympic trials in 1992 as a member of the Canadian Junior National Swim Team. However, he suffered a neck injury soon thereafter, and was forced to leave the sport. After his neck injury, he began to hang out with the actors at his school, and soon discovered a passion for acting, beginning a new career.

Speedman�s first film was the short feature "Can I Get A Witness," which premiered at the 1996 Toronto International Film Festival. Soon after, he landed the lead role in the 1997 Canadian film "Kitchen Party." He then went to New York to study at the Neighborhood Playhouse, but soon dropped out to return home. His big break came when he got a call from a casting agent in America that wanted him to audition for a new television series called "Felicity."

It was on "Felicity" that Speedman made his American television debut. Through his charismatic, honest portrayal of Ben Covington, he garnered much praise from both fans and critics. Many fans of the show were touched by his laidback charm and easy, natural acting style and were able to easily imagine why Felicity had followed his character across the country. While filming Felicity, Scott replaced Brad Pitt in "Duets" (2000) co-starring with Gwenyth Paltrow and he played Bobby Keough in the Kurt Russell drama "Dark Blue" (2003).

After completing four seasons of "Felicity," Speedman went on to film three movies, two of which were released in 2003. "My Life Without Me," co-starring Sarah Polley and Mark Ruffalo, and Lakeshore Entertainment�s "Underworld," also starring Kate Beckinsale. Yet to be released is the suspense drama "The 24th Day," co-starring James Marsden.

When not working, Speedman claims his passion is basketball. He's been a member of the NBA Entertainment League, playing hoops with such stars as Ashton Kutcher. He currently lives in Los Angeles, visiting family in Toronto when his schedule permits.

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