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User Commands

/join #channel - Joins the stated channel.
/part #channel - Parts the stated channel
/nick <nickname> - Changes your nickname to the stated nickname.
/notice <nickname> <message> - Sends a message to the user.
/msg <nickname> - Sends a 'query' to the user.

/away [<away-msg>]: If you walk away from your computer or are doing other work that leaves your IRC session idle, mark yourself as being away. Users that send private messages to you will be notified that you are not paying attention. Use the simple form of the command to denote that you are no longer away.

/whois <nick>: Displaying extra information on a particular user, the whois command shows you what server, client machine, and the idle time is for that user.

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Operator Channel Commands

Note: Most of these commands are only available to chat operators (the ones with @ by their name).

/mode #channel +o <nickname> - Ops the stated user.
/mode #channel -o <nickname> - Deops the stated user.
/mode #channel +v <nickname> - Voices the stated user.
/mode #channel -v <nickname> - Devoices the stated user.
/kick #channel <nickname> <reason> - Kicks the user with the reason given.
/mode #channel +b <nickname> <reason> - Bans the nickname.
/mode #channel +b <user@host> <reason> - Bans the user's host.
/mode #channel -b <addresstounban> - Unbans the nickname or host.
/hop - Parts and rejoins the current channel.
/mode #channel +<modes> - Sets channel modes.
/topic <channel> <topic> - Changes the channel topic.

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