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Canadian refrences & actors

  • Scorpion Part I, VOY - The area of space devoid of all Borg activity is coined, The Northwest Passage.
  • Blaze of Glory, DS9 - While in the shuttle with Captain Sisko, Eddington inquires about some of his personal possessions left on DS9, when he joined the Maquis, including a Canadian coin, a lucky looney.
  • By Inferno's Light, DS9 - The runabout piloted by the changeling version of Dr. Bashir, and subsequently destroyed, is known as the Yukon.
  • Lower Decks, TNG, 47566.7 - In Ten Forward Ben informs Sam Lavelle, who is seeking a promotion from Riker, that Riker is a Canadian. Lavelle, who's grandfather was Canadian, opens a dialogue with Riker about his heritage and discovers that Riker actually comes from Alaska! Lavelle then remarks, "Well, they both get a lot of snow." How true.
  • Rascals, TNG, 46235.7 - While describing to the ferengi, Morta, how to operate the Enterprise computer, ;), Riker refers to an Ontarian Manifold System, (or something like that.) I'm not completely sure about this one!
  • The First Duty, TNG, 45703.9 - Lieutenant Commander Albert returns the sweater which Joshua Albert borrowed from Wesley during a skiing trip to Calgary.
  • The Price, TNG, 43385.6 - Counselor Troi consults the Manitoba Journal of Interplanetary Psychology.
  • Contagion, TNG, 42609.1 - The Iconian gateway provides a path to many alien worlds including one to Toronto City Hall!
  • The Trouble with Tribbles, TOS, 4523.3 - When the special wheat, known as quadrotriticale, is introduced Spock states that its root grain originated in Canada.

Canadian Actors

  • Nicole DeBoer - Lieutenant Ezri Dax
  • William Shatner - Captain James Tiberius Kirk
  • James Doohan - Scotty
  • John Colicos - Kor, the first Klingon in "Errand of Mercy", TOS
  • Christopher Plummer - General Chang in "Star Trek VI"
  • Kim Cattrall - Lieutenant Valeris in "Star Trek VI"
  • Kerrie Keane - Police Chief Alexana Devos in "The High Ground", TNG
  • Saul Rubinek - Kivas Fajoy in "The Most Toys"
  • Alan Scarfe - Romulan Admiral Mendak in "Data's Day", TNG Romulan Tokath in "Birthright II", TNG Augris in "Resistance", VOY
  • Barbara March - Lursa
  • Gwynyth Walsh - B'Etor
  • Matt Frewer - Rasmussen in "A Matter of Time", TNG
  • Linda Thorson - Gul Ocett in "The Chase", TNG
  • Duncan Regehr - Ronin in "Sub Rosa", TNG Shakaar on DS9
  • Tom Jackson - Lakanta in "Journey's End", TNG
  • Gordon Clapp - Hadran in "Vortex", TNG
  • Andrea Martin - Ishka (Moogie) in "Family Business", DS9 Yah I know she's not exactly Canadian, but I had to put her down.
  • Geneviève Bujold - Originally cast as Captain Janeway on VOY
  • Angela Dohrmann - Ricky in "The Cloud", VOY
  • Derek McGrath - Blue-skinned cadet Chell in "Learning Curve", VOY


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