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''Start Today Tomorrow Never Comes'', quotes Sherry Ann Boudreau
Date: Thursday, May 13 2004
Topic: Canadian Girls Kick Ass!

A Canadian girl born in Victoria BC, Sherry Ann Boudreau kicks butt in the fitness industry. She is a mother of three children and has been involved in competitive fitness since 1998. A WNBF Pro Figure/Fitness athlete representing Canada and Sponsored by Fitness World loves a challenge.

In 1998 and three months pregnant with her third child, Sherry Boudreau competed in her second sport aerobics-trios competition. You could then find Sherry on the podium at Fitness World in Surrey BC teaching her aerobics classes up until a few days before she gave birth. After having her third child she found herself about 35lbs too heavy, so she decided to go on the 12 week shape up plan advertised at her gym Fitness World. After losing the weight and feeling quite lean she often saw girls practising their fitness routines for competitive Ms Fitness Contests and decided she would give it a try even though she had no background in dance or gymnastics. Sherry's fitness friends were all very informative and willing to help get her started so she decided to call her first fitness routine her friendship routine as each one gave input on the choreography and posing. She loved the challenge and on her second competition she was awarded a pro card and an invitation to compete in New York at the WNBF Pro Ms Exercise World competition held in September 2002. That very same day of Ms Exercise World she competed in the Naturalmania Ms Figure and walked out with 1st place for both. Sherry then went on to compete in November 2002 at the WNBF World Amateur MS Figure and placed runner up recieving a pro card in yet another category,figure. Sherry has since been seen on all the Fitness World adds in a purple bikini as well as the books at Fitness World called Success Stories. Sherry has been down in Austin, Texas training with Mr Natural Universe, Dave Goodin and will be returning in the Summer of 2004 to share all her experiences and knowledge with Fitness World Members and Staff.
She is also now seen at Health and Fitness conventions all over the the U.S. and Canada working as a booth model for Muscle Marketing Vancouver, BC. Sherry is now working on achieving her pro card in bodybuilding and if she succeeds she will be the first to become WNBF Pro in all categories.
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