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CSIS Fears Islamic Jihad Coming to Canada
Date: Thursday, October 23 2003
Topic: Canadian Politics

Canada's intelligence service warns that members of Islamic Jihad may try to infiltrate Canada to set up a support base. A report dated May 2003 says the discovery of a Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) fundraising network in Florida "raises the possibility of PIJ elements crossing the border to develop a similar infrastructure in Canada."

Marked "For Police and Security Officials' Use Only," the Canadian Security Intelligence Service document was released three months after the National Post reported that Islamic Jihad had tried to obtain a fraudulent visa so its treasurer, Muhammed Tasir Hassan Al-Khatib, could come to Canada. Islamic Jihad is one of 31 terrorist groups outlawed in Canada.

Source:(NatÂ’l. Post, Oct. 22)

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