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Too much bashing going on here
Date: Monday, April 07 2003
Topic: International News

Ok time to draw the line here. as of late there have been way to many threads started bashing the UN, and the US. our own politicos etc. ¬ Ok from now on keep that stuff in the¬ RANTS section. And look at other topics already posted to put your 2 cents in. Any more posts that are just duplicating others already there will be deleted. Any bashing threads not contained in the Rants forum will be deleted, no exceptions. Also if you insist on starting a thread with just a link, at least be kind enough to give a brief outline as to what the link is about insted of " im so mad I cant write" type of thing. I WILL start to delete the BS threads starting now. It clutters up the forum way too much. Thanks for your cooperation people. RH

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