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In nurses we trust
Date: Monday, February 17 2003
Topic: International News

But the same can't be said for car salesmen or politicians ...

In the heat of a crisis, most Canadians say they don't hesitate to turn to firefighters, nurses - and even farmers - rating them the most trustworthy professionals in a new poll.

But Canadians consistently turn away from smooth-talkers like politicians, car salesman and publicists - rating them the lowest of the low in a survey of trustworthiness.

Leger Marketing polled 1,529 people early in December, asking them to rate 20 professions.

Firefighters topped the results, with 96% of those who answered the poll saying they were most trusted.

Ninety-four per cent said the same about nurses, and farmers ranked next with a 91% rating.

"Generally speaking, when you're a firefighter you're there to help, not to place blame or write anybody a ticket," said Edmonton firefighter Capt. Darrell Payne.

"Most of the people, when they see a fire truck coming, it's a sign of relief."

At the opposite end of the ratings, politicians were deemed trustworthy by 14% of respondents.

Alberta Liberal MLA Kevin Taft said the cutthroat nature of politics may be to blame.

"No matter what kind of politician you are, the way the system works is there are constantly other politicians trying to take the feet out from under you," Taft said.

"Most people I know who go into politics do it out of a sense of public service, and are honest, law-abiding people."

Just above politicians in terms of perceived trustworthiness sat car salesmen, at 20%.

Finding a car salesman willing to talk about the trade's dodgey image wasn't easy, but one agreed to talk to The Sun anonymously - in the hopes of diminishing their bad reputation.

"We get a raw deal all the time, but most people who are successful just kind of live with it," he said.

If car salesmen went around ripping everyone off, he said, they wouldn't last in the business very long.

"If people aren't really happy, usually they don't come back."


Source: Edmonton Sun

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