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Canada Day BIG BIRTHDAY Concert.
Date: Sunday, July 01 2001
Topic: International News

Happy birthday Canada! Molson Canadian put on a party across the country at its major city's. I went to the local Big Birthday in vancouver on top of Grouse Mountain over looing the city. To get to the top there was an $18.00 lift fee. They reached capacity to go up the mountain so we chose to hike up the mountain but the Grouse Grind trail was closed so we had to bush walk up the mountain along with hundreds of other hardcore patriots. At the top was a rockin party/concert including bands like the Rascalz, Templar, Limblifter, and the headliner Nickelback. after the shop there was a huge line for the lift so we ran down the mountain.
Here's to you Canada! The Truth North Strong and LOUD!

Molson Canadian's Big Birthday Vancouvers Site.

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