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Ballard's Fuel Cells

Posted on Thursday, February 06 at 19:49 by canadaka

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Based on the solid polymer fuel cells, of the type that were first developed by General Electric to fly in NASA's 1960's Gemini space program; Ballard have developed a cell that produces electricity by electrochemically combining hydrogen fuel. The hydrogen can be obtained from fuels such as natural gas, methanol, or petroleum, and oxygen from the air. When fueled by pure hydrogen, heat and pure water vapor are the only by-products from the fuel cell's electrochemical reaction.

Ballard Power Systems is recognized as the world leader in developing, manufacturing and marketing zero-emission proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cells for use in transportation, electricity generation and portable power products. Ballard Power Systems' proprietary fuel cell technology is enabling automobile, electrical equipment and portable power product manufacturers to develop environmentally clean products for sale. To this extent Ballard is partnering with strong, world-leading companies in all of the related industries.

For more info on Fuel Cells visit Ballard's Site.

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